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submission faqs

Thinking of submitting for the awards list?

check out the faqs below to decide!

As a group, we are careful to give as much exposure to the books we are considering as possible via stories, collection posts, shelfies, etc. The final judged list will be released by all of the participating accounts across their social and blogging platforms on December 1st, 2023- just in time for holiday gifting!


We are continuing the Bookstagang Community Favorite Award again this year! Once the Bookstagang Best of 2023  list is released, we will ask the collective to choose their favorite book from each category for an additional award, the #Bookstagang Community Favorite Award.

what formats do I submit?

We require all submissions to be physical, finished copies in order to judge most authentically.

PDFs are very hard to judge and most of us do not read ebooks with children. It can be a completely different reading experience, which doesn’t allow the reader to fully appreciate the nuances of the art and print quality. 

Is there  guaranteed placement?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give every submitted title a winning position. However, all books are featured by the entire judging panel via stories, where every judge features all bookmail unboxings, with swipe-ups where applicable. Additionally, judges feature the books that resonate with them in-feed at their own discretion. Books are shared in the months leading up to the release of our list and throughout the year that follows.

who do I send submissions to?

In order for a title to be considered for the list, every judge must receive a copy.

We are a team across North America and our judges are in both Canada and the United States.

what if my organization will only send to influencers with x amount of followers?

We specifically invite microinfluencers to the judging panel in order to network and build community. Marginalized creators are more likely to have smaller audiences and be passed over within the industry. We strive to have a diverse judging panel in every way, including audience size!

Can i use the photos your judges feature on our website or in our own social feeds?

You will need to reach out directly to the influencer whose photos you’d like to use and arrange it with them.

How many books should we submit?

That’s totally up to you!

Some publishers send their favorite few, some send

their whole catalogue.

We're happy to offer suggestions if you'd like!

What’s the criteria for a winning book?

It depends on the category. Generally, we are looking for quality books that children enjoy, preferably featuring a diverse array of children and families.

Are there any fees for participating?


when can I begin submitting titles?

The organizers and judges are ready in mid-September to begin accepting submissions for this year's awards!

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